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 solo merchig guide

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PostSubject: solo merchig guide   solo merchig guide EmptySun Nov 14, 2010 6:04 am

this is my solo merching guide since merch prince has turned the cc in to a chating cc and we no longer merch i felt the need to write a guide to help u guys how to merch by your own so lets start.

this part of the guide is taken from another site which i learned from and i decided to take it from the source :

Technical Trading

Technical trading is fairly simple and is probably what most of you are already familiar with. It involves finding straight graphs and buying a lot of the item for slightly under the mid price and selling it back at the mid price, or even slightly higher.

To start, you will want to go to the grand exchange portion of the runescape website, but more specifically, the Most Traded portion. Why? Becuase it holds a list of the top 100 most traded items. There are millions of each of these items traded on a daily basis. It is wise to use one of these items for tech trading because there is just so many players buying and selling the items that its unlikely for your offers to not go through.This is only half of the key to technical trading. The other key thing that you must look for is a graph that is relitively straight. Here are some examples:

These are Yew logs. You can see for the most part this graph is straight. There is a little bit of a drop at the end, but ignoring that, you can see that for the large part of the last 30 days, the price has barely changed. That shows that if you were buying and selling that item, the little bit of the fluxuation in price would not affect your trading. There is a range of about 30gp throughout the 30 days.

These are Yew longbows. Again you can see its reletively straight. Throughout the 30 days there is a range of only 33gp. It always has stayed within 640 and 673. This means that again, if you were to trade with this straight graph, the flux would not really affect your offers whatsoever.

That should be enough to get the idea of why I'm saying to use straight graphs. Now moving on to actually buying and selling once you find yourself a nice straight graph. From the mid price, I usually buy for 97% to 98% of it.[example; 500x0.97=485] Now don't expect things to go through right away, these things take time, time you can use to do whatever else you want. Once its all done just sell back. I usually just sell back at mid price to ensure it will sell, but if your greedy you may want to sell for 101% to 103% of the mid price. There is no guarantee that it will sell though.

Lastly, you should try to use fairly low priced items. Why? Because the lower the price is, the more of that item you will be able to buy, and the more you have of the item, the more profit you will be able to make.

That is the gist of Technical trading. If you have questions about something that was not covered in the above, then simply reply and ask. I will try to answer them best to my ability.

Fundamental Trading

Fundamental Trading is a more complicated method and not so straight forward, but the potential profit is much greater than technical trading. It involves finding graphs with curves and buying the item at a low period and selling it at a high period. This method is fine for more expensive items, but works well with cheap things as well. I again would go for the cheaper items, because again the same principle applies, the more of an item you have the more profit you will be able to make.

To start I will let you know right now that there is no special place to look for curved graphs, they require looking and browsing throughout the grand exchange portion of the website. I will show you how to read these curvy graphs so that you will know when to buy something and equally importantly, when to sell them.

As the saying goes... A picture tells a thousand words... But which words? lol DaVinci Code :$ Anyways reading the graphs is similar to reading a line of words. Just like the lines of words you are reading right now. You go from left to right. Its pretty straight-yet-curvy-forward:

the #1 most basic important thing you must remember about fundamental trading is if the daily average[blue line]is above the 5 day average[yellow line], then the price is going up. If the daily average[blue line]is below the 5 day average[yellow line], then the price is going down.

At the first red circle here we see the blue crossing the yellow. This is a buy signal. We see that the price raises for a large portion of the 30 days until we get to the second red circle. Blue descends through yellow. This my friends is a sell signal. If you were to buy at the buy signal and sell at the sell signal you would have made 78500gp x whatever # of that item you bought.

Here we have a graph that starts out fairly stable. The blue eventually crosses up and the price jumps. Time to buy. you can see the line starting to even out and drives towards the yellow to cross over. That is where you would want to sell the item. Then later a buy signal presents itself where you would want to buy and it continues to go up at a ridiculous slope.

Here is a very clean display of signals throughout the whole 30 days. By now you can probably guess which each circle represents.

Now that you have learned the language of money making, you can go out and lurk for the perfect graph that is about to skyrocket up and make yourself some easy money. If you start using a graph, make sure you keep an eye on it all the time so you don't miss your chance to sell.

remmber u need at least 10mill to do the merch these are some recommeneded items :

Pure essence
Cosmic rune
Nature rune
Death rune
Law rune
Iron ore
Silver ore
Mithril ore
Adamantite ore
Bronze bar
Iron bar
Steel bar
Mithril bar
Adamantite bar
Raw tuna
Raw lobster
Raw swordfish
Big bones
Yew logs
Uncut sapphire
Uncut emerald
Uncut ruby
Uncut diamond
Limpwurt root
Red spiders' eggs
Soft clay
Strength potion(2)
Strength potion(3)
Strength potion(4)

*any single piece of rune (t) or (g) or Guthix, Zamorak, and Saradomin armour*[excluding skirts]
*any set of the above*[guth,zamo,sara]
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solo merchig guide
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